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DUI and The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV)


You only have ten (10) days after the date of your DUI arrest to request a hearing to have your driver's license suspension reviewed.  If no action is taken, your license will be administratively suspended if you either refused to take the breath test or if your results were .08% (BAC) or higher.  If eligible, at the time of your request, you will be provided with a temporary driver's license or a hardship license.  A hearing will be scheduled and your suspension will be reviewed by the DHSMV for possible reinstatement. The law has changed for first time DUIs with arrest dates on or after July 1, 2013. Please contact our office immediately so that Ms. Powers can discuss your options, which may include her filing paperwork which could allow you to continue to drive during your entire suspension period.  Ms. Powers representation includes requesting the hearing and securing the temporary permit or hardship license, if eligible, as well as handling the hearing itself.


DUI and The Court System


If you have been arrested for DUI, you will be provided with an initial hearing called an Arraignment  This may be given to you at the time of your arrest or at a later date by mail.  At this hearing, the judge will inform you of your charges and inquire as to your intention to hire an attorney.  If you retain Ms. Powers prior to this hearing, you have the choice of waiving this hearing entirely.  This is often done as the State Attorney's Office rarely has provided the necessary documents to Ms. Powers prior to this hearing. 

The next court hearing is traditionally called a Pre-Trial or a Status Check.  There may be one or more of these subsequent hearings before a case is resolved or set for trial.  Many judges allow Ms. Powers to waive her client's presence at these hearings if the case is not resolved on that date.
The law office immediately forwards all discovery documents to the clients upon receipt for their review and consideration.  The client is encouraged to ask questions and Ms. Powers thoroughly reviews the discovery with the client in order to determine what option is in the client's best interest. 



Cheryl Powers was Lead Trial Attorney of a DUI division in the Sixth Judicial Circuit with several trial attorneys under her supervision.  In this position, she sat as lead counsel in numerous DUI trials as well as DUI motions and hearings.  While Ms. Powers was at the State Attorney's Office, she attended and was certified at the Advanced DUI Seminar.  While at Stetson University College of Law, she had the privilege of interning for former Chief Judge David A. Demers, who is the author of the Florida DUI Handbook 2019-2020 ed. (Vol. 11, Florida Practice Series).  Since opening her own practice in 2004, Ms. Powers has handled hundreds of DUI cases and DHSMV review hearings.